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Buyer programme and aggressive new pricing for CHINA FRUIT LOGISTICA

CHINA FRUIT LOGISTICA is allocating a multi-million RMB budget to fund an ambitious nationwide programme that brings more than 300 key fresh fruit and vegetables buyers from every province in China to the annual trade fair, the second edition of which takes place in Shanghai in May 2019, according to a press release.

“Buyers are crucial for the future growth of the fresh produce business in China,” explains Will Wollbold, general manager of Global Produce Events (Shanghai), the trade fair organizer. “Our programme is targeted at more than 300 key fresh produce buyers from more than 30 provinces throughout the People’s Republic. We will bring them to CHINA FRUIT LOGISTICA in Shanghai next May, so they can have direct contact with the country’s biggest growers and distributors, and with the best brands in fresh fruits and vegetables from China and the rest of the world.”
At the same time, CHINA FRUIT LOGISTICA is investing in an aggressive new pricing strategy to attract even more exhibitors from across China as well as from supplying countries in the rest of the world.
“We’re introducing a new lower price point at CHINA FRUIT LOGISTICA,” says Will Wollbold. “We are reducing our rental price by almost half to make it more affordable for the China market, which means that the best growers, distributors, brands, and new technologies from China and the rest of the world can come and exhibit at our trade fair.”
“At CHINA FRUIT LOGISTICA, like at our sister shows FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin and at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA in Hong Kong, we bring together the very best in the global fresh fruit and vegetable business. We offer the best insights, innovations, and business networking. We help companies to do the best business.”
Will Wollbold says Global Produce Events (Shanghai) wants to build an annual trade fair that helps grow the fresh fruit and vegetable business in China.
“CHINA FRUIT LOGISTICA brings together fresh produce businesses from across China, and links China with the rest of the world,” he explains. “China’s fresh produce business leaders have worked with FRUIT LOGISTICA and ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA for more than 25 years and they know that CHINA FRUIT LOGISTICA is the best and the quickest route to commercial success in the fresh produce business in China.”

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