Freitag, 19. April 2019
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Unitec showcased Blueberry Vision 3

At FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 Unizec Group presented and released its latest technology for the internal quality selection of Blueberries, entirely developed by Unitec Group Research and Development department: Blueberry Vision 3 technology is the latest upgrade of Blueberry Vision 2 technology, according to a press release.

Blueberry Vision 3 can lead to a deep enhancement in blueberries international market. The greatest reliability and precision in the quality selection meet a productivity increase never achieved before through Blueberry Vision 3.
There will be other key technologies:
Unitec innovative systems for the internal quality selection of Apples, Kiwi and Plums: UNIQ Apples, UNIQ Kiwi e UNIQ Plum. Together with the technologies for the external quality selection Kiwi Vision 3, Plum Vision 3 and Apples Sort 3, nowadays thanks to UNIQ range of technologies those fruits will have no more secrets. Unitec has achieved a new important technological result, to guarantee to the Packing Houses which rely on it, the greatest assurance of offering a Consistent Quality over time at each delivery.
Uni Manager Dates, the Unisorting electronic sorter equipped with the latest technological upgrade Dates Sort 3, able to analyze 100% of every Date surface, to guarantee the greatest reliability and precision in the quality selection of these fruits.
At FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 they took the opportunity to take stock of the first year implementation of Cherry Vision 3.0 technologies for the quality selection of cherries and Pears Sort 3 for the quality selection of Pears, shown at Unitec and Unisorting stand respectively.
A very important year for Unitec that has been innovating and keeps innovating unstoppably for the last twelve months. Unitec firmly believes that innovation is the only way to offer concrete and highly performant solutions to every Customer’s needs.

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• Spargel
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19 10.05.2019 30.04.2019 • Frühjahrsprodukte aus Frankreich
• Knoblauch, Zwiebeln und Ingwer
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• Verkaufsförderung zu Pfingsten
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