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ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA: Selecting the best for Asia

Selecting the best for Asia

Grading and sorting solutions are key to meeting Asia’s fast-growing demand for high-quality fresh produce, and visitors to ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA will find world-leading technologies on display.  

Asia is home to some of the world’s most demanding consumers when it comes to the quality and consistency of fresh fruit and vegetables. Precision-grading technologies have a key role to play in meeting their requirements, and in helping fresh produce suppliers protect and build their brands.
Visitors to ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA – Asia’s premier trade show and information hub for the fresh fruit and vegetable business – will be able to take in an extensive range of grading and sorting solutions to meet every need.
Advances in grading and sorting machinery are also enabling the fresh produce industry to achieve new levels of consistency and efficiency, and world-leading technologies will be on display among the many companies exhibiting from the sector at the Hong Kong show on 4-6 September. Exhibitors include major players such as MAF Roda, Reemoon Technology, Fuji Machinery, JBT International, Turatti, Greefa, GP Graders, BBC Technologies, Compac and Unitec. For an updated list of exhibitors, visit:
As a leader in solutions for the kiwifruit, apple, citrus, avocado, tomato and stonefruit categories, Compac, part of Tomra Food, will showcase Spectrim and Inspectra2, two leading fruit grading and sorting technologies. It will also highlight its new Invision2 TotalView solution that brings Compac’s size-, shape-, colour- and blemish-grading platform to cherries.
“Spectrim is the most powerful optical sorting platform ever offered to the industry. In an industry so often reliant on the forces of nature, Compac technology provides peace of mind to customers, ensuring they get the best packout of every batch, and that they extract maximum value from every piece of fruit they process,” said head of Compac, Ken Moynihan.
“A fruit’s external appearance is important for the first purchase by consumers, but for repeat purchases, a complete experience is vital. That means the fruit must taste as good as it looks. And that is why our customers will use Inspectra2 to ensure a positive experience for consumers and ultimately protect their brand. Inspectra2 represents a breakthrough in production performance, delivering high accuracy on internal quality at 10-15 fruits per second as they move along the grader.”
Cherries, blueberries and kiwifruit are among the fastest-growing fruit categories across Asian markets. Unitec, an international leader in the design and production of technologies for internal and external quality selection of fresh fruit, will exhibit at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA with a particular focus on technologies dedicated to these products.
“ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA will be a milestone for Unitec Group this year,” said president of Unitec Angelo Benedetti. “We will exhibit Blueberry Vision 3, the last frontier in the field of blueberry quality selection. Blueberry Vision 3 is the latest generation upgrade of our Blueberry Vision 2, which was the first technology in the world capable of inspecting 100 per cent of the surface of each blueberry. In recent years it has brought concrete results never achieved before across five continents.”
Unitec will also showcase Cherry Vision 3.0 for cherry quality selection. “Thanks to its unique high-resolution cameras, Cherry Vision 3.0 has helped our customers increase their business and their export share in the world’s most demanding markets in terms of quality, such as Asia,” said Benedetti.
Another of Unitec’s most recent innovations – the Uniq range of technologies – will also be on display. “We’ll exhibit the Uniq Cherry and Uniq Kiwi technologies, which are able to scan the inside of cherries and kiwifruit to reveal all their organoleptic properties with a level of reliability and accuracy unprecedented in the sector,” Benedetti added. “Thanks to these technologies, these fruits will no longer have any secrets for our customers and for their consumers, thus creating full satisfaction for everyone.”

Disruptive technologies at SMART HORTICULTURE ASIA
Technology is transforming the fresh produce supply chain, and visitors seeking insights to leading-edge innovation in the field will be able to find plenty more at SMART HORTICULTURE ASIA, a forum on disruptive technology and digitalisation of the supply chain.
Taking place over three mornings on the show floor at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA, SMART HORTICULTURE ASIA’s programme for Day One looks at the role technology can play to make production and the supply chain more sustainable, with expert speakers including Rahul Bagde, head of supply chain in China for Zespri, and Darryn Keiller, CEO of Autogrow. Day Two focuses on the impact of digital transformation on marketing and branding. Jacquelien Brussee Postigo, vice general manager of global brand consultancy Labbrand, will discuss branding of fresh produce on digital platforms, while Julian Sin, senior manager of business development at GS1 Hong Kong, will explain how technology can improve product visibility. The final day looks at the influence of artificial intelligence on all sectors of the fresh produce supply chain.
View the full programme for SMART HORTICULTURE ASIA, including confirmed speakers, here:

More information on ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA show floor
SMART HORTICULTURE ASIA is one of a range of informative Hall Forums free to attend for ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA visitors. ASIAFRUIT BUSINESS FORUM presents practical ideas and solutions for better fresh produce marketing and business management at Hall Forum 1. Taking place each afternoon alongside SMART HORTICULTURE at Hall Forum 2, COOL LOGISTICS ASIA provides a series of practical workshops on cold chain management.

FRUTIC Symposium heads to Hong Kong

Innovations in pre-harvest and post-harvest technologies will also feature on the first day of ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA at FRUTIC 2019. The 12th international FRUTIC symposium will be held alongside ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA for the first time. Taking place on 4 September, the one-day event brings together academic scientists and fresh produce industry professionals for technical discussions covering innovations, new technologies and research required to promote the supply of safe, high-quality fruit and vegetables. FRUTIC symposium will focus on the supply chain with speeches on pre-harvest measures, post-harvest quality, and post-harvest safety. Delegates must register for FRUTIC separately from ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA and the registration fee of €200 includes a one-day pass to ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA. Registration and online payment is open now:

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